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Trough Walks in Bradfield Parish

Water plays a significant part in the Lakeland area of Sheffield, most obviously in the rivers and reservoirs which abound here. Less apparent are other water features such as water mills, wells, troughs and drinking fountains; all have fascinating stories to tell.

Most of the mills driven by water power, which existed in this area, were submerged when the large supply reservoirs were built. However remains of some ruins can still be found along the length of the river Loxley. Many more functioning water troughs still exist however, and this leaflet gives some indication of the more interesting examples, with a guide to walking a local trail visiting some of these.

Bradfield2.0 milesThis walk combines visits to several troughs and a village pump in Low and High Bradfield with a pleasant walk up through open fields with stunning views of the upper Loxley valley.
Midhopestones1.1 milesThis short walk takes you on a route round the historic village of Midhopestones, presents two unusual troughs and an ancient sacred well as well as an easy walk alongside Underbank reservoir.
Stannington2.3 milesThis walk visits a numerous diverse set of troughs in the old part of Stannington, taking in a route which also goes past two unusual burial grounds.
Worrall1.0 milesThis short walk takes you from the village of Worrall, across open fields to an unusual washing trough and well. Open views from this walk present a wide panorama stretching from Wharncliffe Woods down into Sheffield.