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Yorkshire Water closures


Reservoir car parks closed

More Hall access road closed

Permissive paths may be closed

Public footpaths and bridleways remain open

From the Yorkshire Water web site

Unprecedented numbers of people have been out and about at our reservoirs this weekend. To help keep everyone safe and maintain social distancing, we’re shutting our reservoir car parks and asking everyone to stay away for a little while. Hopefully it won’t be for too long but we need to keep everyone safe during these challenging times.

From other sources

Just wanted to let you know that we are currently in the process of closing off our private access road at More Hall for through traffic and parking, we’re still seeing a large volume of people insisting on driving to this site, which obviously they shouldn’t be doing.  Gates are being installed as I type which we will be locking – there’s one at the Ewden Village end, they’ll be one closer to the valve tower/embankment and a third going at the Manchester Road end.  Please note however, we won’t be using and locking the one at the Manchester Road end for the time being as we’re conscious that private land owners need access along here too for a handful of properties.

The larger volume of people still using this site is causing us concerns for our operational colleagues’ health and safety as they still need to carry out their regular checks of the reservoir and our assets whilst practicing social distancing, they’re finding this increasingly difficult to do with more people visiting the site, hence the closure.  We will also be closing the permissive paths around the site for the same reason.

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